January 2020 – El Trompo (Alpharetta)

Hello everyone and welcome to Temo’s List! What is Temo’s List you ask? Basically, it’s a list of my favorite restaurants/food spots in Georgia. Every time I research “best restaurants near me” the results I get are less than satisfactory and I often wonder how in the world some of those names even made the list. Therefore, I am compiling my own and once a month I will be sharing them with all of you. So lets get started!

The first one on the list is El Trompo Taqueria located in the Kroger Shopping Center at Jones Bridge Rd. and Douglas Rd. in Alpharetta. This is hands down my favorite Taqueria. Best tacos in town! They’re very affordable too! You order at the register and then have a seat; they will bring it out to you. They also have a little condiments bar with various homemade salsas, radishes, jalapenos, chopped cilantro, etc that you can adorn your tacos with anyway you see fit. They also have pickled vegetables such as carrots, cauliflower, and jalapenos. Sooo tasty!

If you’re looking for quality tacos then you absolutely must check out El Trompo! Highly recommend!

What I usually order: Carne Asada, El Pastor, Guava Juice or Horchata.

What you should know: Chips and salsa are not free. This is not a Mexican restaurant; it’s a family owned Taqueria. They are not the same. A Trompo is a spinning vertical rotisserie in which the pastor meats are cooked on. Now you know.

Website: https://eltrompotaqueria.com/

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