August 2020 – Onikuma Izakaya Ramen Pop Up (Atlanta)

Bowl of Smoked Gochujang Brisket Ramen

Well I was off to a good start with Temo’s List this year and then the Coronavirus hit. I hit pause because it felt like the wrong time to be recommending restaurants when we couldn’t even go to them. However, I think we are all aware that this isn’t going away anytime soon and since most restaurants are open again with a limited service I’m going to start this list up again. So without further ado…

This month’s pick is Onikuma Izakaya! Onikuma is a Ramen Pop Up business ran by Chef Dan Brown. Dan is a good friend of mine who also happens to be an extremely talented Chef. He’s been working on perfecting Ramen for over ten years now and I’d say he’s nailed it.

Since this is a pop up business, the process and availability is a little different than a brick and mortar restaurant. Here’s how it works. He will make a post on social media with the menu and the day it will be available that week; usually Sundays. The price is $15 and orders can be placed online. Once completed you will receive a follow up email which will provide you with the details on when and where to pick up your Ramen.

These are Ramen kits which means you take them home and finish them there. You’ll get a bag of homemade noodles to cook, as well as the broth to heat up, meats, egg, veggies, and any additional garnishes. He will generally offer a vegetarian option as well.

The one pictured here is his Smoked Gochujang Brisket Ramen. Absolutely delicous! I also recommend the Onikuma Tonkotsu and the Shiitake Mushroom Ramen! Both are amazing!

If you live in the city or in the Metro Atlanta area I highly recommend you take advantage of this pop up when its available. You wont be disappointed!

Click here to learn more!

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