MAY 2021 – Sushi Mito (Peachtree Corners)

My family and I are obsessed with sushi and our number one regular go to spot is Sushi Mito off of Spalding Drive in Peachtree Corners. It is a full on restaurant with a sushi bar so if you dine in you have  some seating options. The staff is always very friendly and service is usually pretty quick.

When the pandemic first hit, this spot was one of the first, from my observations, to really take it seriously and consider the experience of a concerned customer. All employees wear masks, there is sanitizer everywhere, they put up clear plastic sheets to separate every two seats at the bar, and if you choose a pick up order you don’t have to go inside to get it, they will bring it out to you when you pull up.

When it comes to the fish, it is always on point and fresh. We’ve never had a bad experience with “fishy” tastes or anything off. The rice is perfectly cooked with a nice balance of salty, sweet, and sour notes. They have a pretty large menu that goes beyond sushi so if there is a guest in your party that doesn’t want fish they’ll definitely have options.  For a while they were also doing “Sake Flights” where you could sample about 4 or 5 different Sake’s at one time for around $15 if I recall correctly; It was definitely worth it.

All in all, this is a great spot to hit up if you’re in the area and want quality sushi with great service.

What I usually order: Salmon Serrano is a must! Although I ask for no cream cheese as I consider that inclusion to be blasphemy when it comes to sushi but to each his own of course. The Volcano Roll is great if you like hot rolls. The Yellow Tail Carpaccio with Jalapeno and Yuzu is amazing. I’m a big fan of Uni and when they have it it’s very good. The Tamago Nigiri is a common go to as well.

What you should know: It’s not cheap but its not super expensive either. For the three of us, we usually spend around $80 – $100 at a time including tip. The quality matches the price


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