Truffle Gallery

Welcome to the truffle gallery! This page is a collection of many of the truffles that Chef Thomas has created over the years. Although they are not all available at all times, many are available as options for custom bulk orders. To find out more just send an email to To view our current offerings, please follow this link to visit the page titled  “Chocolate Shop”.

Soft Caramel Milk Chocolate

Soft Caramel Milk Chocolate

Soft and chewy caramel encased in 42% Milk Chocolate. A classic combination. 

Candied Lemon Peel & Pistachio Crunch White Chocolate

A layer of lemon cream and candied lemon peel sits atop a layer of pistachio cream and crunchy flakes. 

Sea Salt Caramelo

Sea Salt Caramelo

A liquid caramel center lightly salted with sea salt inside a shell of 58% dark chocolate. 


Caramelized White Chocolate & Roasted Almond

Caramelized White Chocolate Ganache rolled in Candied Roasted Almonds. Unique flavor and highly addicting!

Pistachio Ruby Chocolate

Ruby Chocolate is a somewhat new chocolate that naturally has a pinkish hue and a slightly fruity flavor. Creamy pistachio ganache rounds this one off and balances out the the tartness by adding some sweet and nutty after notes. 


Passionfruit White Chocolate

Reduced Passionfruit Pulp mixed with White Chocolate & Heavy Cream, encased in a White Chocolate shell accented with Yellow Cocoa Butter and Gold Luster Dust. If you like tart and tangy this is for you!

Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter

Milk Chocolate shell with Toasted Peanuts and Peanut Butter Caramelo. Simple and delicious. Tastes like a Snickers but better!

Pomegranate Molasses & Raspberry
White Chocolate

One of our most popular items! Raspberries dehydrated and powdered, mixed with White Chocolate & Heavy Cream. Finished with a drop of Pomegranate Molasses which adds a tangy punch.

Bird's Eye Chili & Coriander Dark Chocolate

Thai flavors in a Dark Chocolate Truffle. Spicy Bird’s Eye Chili give this truffle a little heat which won’t be felt until after the cream and chocolate dissolves. Powdered Coriander Seeds and Organic Coconut Sugar envelop this delight. First you taste the flora then you feel the heat!


Blueberry Lemon White Chocolate

Organic blueberries dehydrated overnight and processed into a powder, folded into a white chocolate ganache, and finished with organic lemon zest and juice! The perfect Spring Truffle!


Pomegranate Molasses & Red Wine Dark Chocolate

A drop of Pomegranate Molasses strategically placed at the top of the dome so when you bite in to it, your palate is quickly met with a burst of tartness which is then mellowed out by the Pinot Noir induced dark or milk chocolate ganache. We have two versions of this one!


Hazelnut Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Caramelo

A single, toasted hazelnut, enrobed by soft caramelo, encapsulated by Dark Chocolate and garnished with Maldon Sea Salt. Can’t go wrong with salty and sweet!

Sea Salt & Milk Chocolate Almond Rocher

Toasted Almonds candied and tossed in Milk Chocolate with a dash of Maldon Sea Salt. A classic combination with a modern presentation. 

Cabernet & Cocoa Dark Chocolate

Wine and Chocolate pair perfectly together so we figured why not just blend the two into one! Dark Chocolate ganache, liberally spiked with Cabernet Wine, and rolled in Organic Cocoa Powder. Classic presentation with a modern day flavor.

Gingersnap Cream Milk Chocolate

All the flavors of a Gingersnap cookie but inside a Milk Chocolate Truffle instead! A perfect gift for the Winter Holidays.

Peppermint Patty Dark Chocolate

A 70% Dark Chocolate shell encompasses a smooth and minty ganache that sits atop a disc of homemade peppermint patty dough. A seasonal favorite in the Winter!

Milk Chocolate Almond Butter Crunch

Almond Butter, Evoo, Milk Chocolate, and Feullitine Flakes wrapped up in a Milk Chocolate shell that has been sprayed with Chocolate to look like velvet. Almost has a kit kat consistency but with much more crunch.

White Chocolate Pistachio Crunch

Pistachio Paste, White Chocolate, Pistachio Oil, and Toasted Pistachios make up the heart of this bonbon. Feullitine flakes add the additional crunch which takes the whole experience to the next level.

Caramelized Georgia Pecan Crunch Milk Chocolate

One of my most popular flavors! Caramel, pecans, crunchy flakes, and a dash of salt wrapped up in milk chocolate. It’s a winner!

Salted Dark Chocolate Coffee & Cocoa Nib

Sea Salt, Dark Chocolate, Organic Coffee, and Cocoa Nibs! Classic flavors in a classic presentation. Now a part of our 2nd Winter Assorted Box!

Heirloom Navel Orange Dark Chocolate

I recently got some heirloom navel oranges from the Farmers Market that were so delicious they inspired me to use them in a truffle. I used the rind and the juice in conjunction with orange essential oil to capture the flavor of the fruit.

Lemon Meringue Tart

Lemon Meringue Tart White Chocolate

A layer of marshmallow fluff, lemon cream filling, sealed with a pate sucre crust crumble. Tastes just like a lemon tart but in a truffle format.

Mango 500

Mango Crunch

Identical to the Mango Crunch Cage but without the cage. A creamy mango filling with crunchy freeze dried mango bits in the center. 


Dark Chocolate Cherry Cordial

A 58% Dark Chocolate shell surrounds a single French Griotte Cherry soaked in Kirschwasser and coated in a homemade liquid sour Cherry Fondant.


Raspberry Crunch Bars

Dehydrated Raspberries mixed with Rice Puffs, and Wafer Crisps all encased in a Raspberry Dark Chocolate shell.


Mango Crunch Cage

A Dark Chocolate Cage filled with Dehydrated Mango bits and Mango Ganache. 



This one is composed of two different demi-spheres. One half is Burnt Marshmallow, the other is Graham Cracker. Both are encased in Milk Chocolate and when eaten all together you get a….


Lemon Cake Donut

A donut shaped truffle with actual cake inside! Layers of Lemon Ganache and Pound Cake sit inside a shell of White Chocolate. One taste and you’ll definitely want a dozen.


PB & J

Organic Concord Grape Juice cooked down and folded into a White Chocolate Ganache makes up one layer of this classic combination. The other is a Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter filling mixed with Toasted Peanuts and Wafer Crisps. Goes great with a glass of milk!

Birds Eye Chili & Coriander

Exactly the same as the original version minus the Organic Coconut Sugar coating. In its place is a 58% Dark Chocolate shell that adds a bit of snap to the bite. What’s cool about these is that due to the presence of fat, via the cocoa butter and cream, you won’t feel the heat of the chili’s until you’re done eating it! Watch out!

Dark Chocolate & Caramelized Georgia Pecan Crunch

Well you can’t be a Pastry Chef in Georgia without paying homage to our beloved Pecans! So here it is! This one is composed of a Caramelized & Toasted Georgia Pecan Milk Chocolate center with a touch of salt and crunchy flakes, enrobed in 70% Dark Chocolate.

Raspberry Crunch Dark

A raspberry cream center mixed with freeze-dried raspberries, wrapped up in a 58% Dark Chocolate shell.

Dark Chocolate & Caramelized Roasted Peanut Crunch

I’ve been told its like a combination of a Butterfinger and a Reeces Cup but with a Dark Chocolate shell. I’ll take it! This one is composed of Roasted Peanuts, Caramel, Milk Chocolate, Crunchy Flakes, a touch of Salt, and 58% Dark Chocolate.