Yes, we ship all over the US using the USPS Priority Mail service. We are located in Peachtree Corners GA. Once your order is ready to be picked up you will receive an email with the address.
Yes some of our ingredients are organic but not all of them. We don’t use flavorings or pastes, so anything fruit flavored is made with real fruit, often times, organic fruit.
We don’t add any preservatives so our chocolates are best when consumed within 2 weeks of purchasing. However, they will last several weeks but as they get older the fresh taste will diminish and anything with fruit may begin to mold.
We don’t recommend it because they will most likely develop condensation on them which can lead to what’s known as “sugar bloom” on the surface of the chocolate once they come to room temperature again. The moisture causes the sugar in the chocolate to rise to the surface which greatly affects the aesthetics of our truffles.
Couverture Chocolate is the highest quality chocolate available. The chocolate is ground to a finer texture than regular retail chocolate and contains a high percentage of cocoa butter. Both of these qualities lead to a superior flavor and texture and make it the ideal choice for Artisan Confections.
Yes shipping is not cheap and that’s because we are mailing chocolate, a highly delicate and temperature sensitive medium. Shipping these requires cold packs to ensure they don’t melt, cryovac bags to keep the actual chocolate boxes safe from condensation given off by the cold packs, insulated mailers to help regulate the temperature, and then a cardboard box for added security and uniformed shipping.

Cooking classes

It will depend on the class and how many people but averagely between $90 – $125 per person.
As many as will comfortably fit in your kitchen but we have found that between 4 – 10 guests is usually a good fit in most homes.
We offer a wide variety of classes, from Pasta Making, Thai Cuisine, and Sushi, to Desserts and Chocolate Truffles. Send us a message if there’s something in particular you’d like you and your friends to learn.
Yes, we have a kids class in which all the kids will make their own pizzas and as a group we will make chocolate chip cookies, chocolate sauce, and homemade whipped cream.

Private Events

It will depend on the menu and how many people but averagely between $80 – $105 per person.
No, all the food is prepared fresh in the clients home or chosen location.rdion Sample Description
It depends on the menu and the size of the party, but averagely 4 – 5 hours including prep and clean up time.
We cannot legally provide alcohol to any of our events but our servers can pour it for you and your guests.
It depends on where the event will be taking place and whether or not a full kitchen will be available. Typically we don’t do parties larger than about 20 people but we’d be more than happy to discuss it and find out if it’s something we can accommodate.


Contact Us

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